Kavita approaches birth work from a perspective of personal rights and responsibility. Childbirth is an intimate, integral and natural part of life and she seeks to support each family to realize their hopes for the experience. 


She understands that people from different life experience need  options when building their families and she seeks to protect and promote access to the safe, respectful care they deserve.


Kavita has experience in the home and hospital setting, understands the benefits of each, and is able to navigate both environments as needed.  She is honored to devote her energy to birth in the home setting at this time.


Kavita is politically active in improving laws regulating the choices of California birthing families and the protection of certified nurse midwives.


She is happily married and the mother of two grown daughters, both born with the support of midwives.

Tel: 408 -204-0215

South Bay Homebirth Collective

967 W.Hedding St, Suite 110

San Jose, CA. 95126